GMail: How many email addresses do you have?

Well it turns out if you think you only have one email address you are wrong. You have a huge possible set to choose from. On the GMail blog they release information on some special characters a dot (“.”) and plus sign (“+”). Turns out if you put a dot in a GMail address it is completely ignored. Also any text after a “+” sign is completely ignored. Think of the power of this. You can give unique email addresses to websites and know when the spam starts coming in where it came from. Also can setup filters to label or star emails to certain addresses automatically. Also for those contests that require unique email addresses. No more creating new fake free email accounts. Have fun.

4 thoughts on “GMail: How many email addresses do you have?

  1. Yes

    All well and good but if a human reads these emails they can simply take out the dots and plusses and be left with your standard email address to spam as they like.

    Am I missing something?


  2. spammers will soon write some filters to remove the +plus sign before gmail address. Its not hard for them… and also many places + sign are not accepted as part of email. I don’t think it will serve the purpose.

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