Online Storage

Below are a couple free online storage websites that I have been using.  I am sure there are many more so if you are using one that has a cool that others don’t be sure to leave a comment.  Always looking for new stuff.
XDrive is a service of AOL.  This means if you have an AOL or AIM you have an account with them.  You get 5GB of storage for free.  If that is not enough you can upgrade to 50GB for $9.95 a month.  The one feature I use the most with this is service is the ability to upload a large file (i.e. PowerPoint Presentation, Word Doc, WMV, etc.) and email the file to someone else.  The way this works is that the recipient is sent a link to where the file can be downloaded.  This bypass the limits on many SMTP for the file size of out going mail and also mailbox limits for your recipients.  There are a couple other things that makes this product stand out a limit more than the rest.  There is an option called “AutoCopy”.  This will automatically copy your photos and music online.  There is also a product called Desktop.  This allows you to drag and drop files to copy online and also allows you to access you files through a mapped drive on your computer.  The product which I haven’t tried out yet is their mobile version.  One of the interesting things is the ability to choose a file and send it as a fax directly from your phone.

Windows Live SkyDrive

The service works using the Windows Live ID system.  If you have a Hotmail, MSN Messenger or Passport login you have an account.  You get 5GB of free storage.  I didn’t see an option to buy more storage if you need it.  Skydrive supports drag and drop uploading if you install a plug-in which makes it pretty user friendly.   There is the ability to send a link to someone so they can access a specific document.  It doesn’t seem to have as many bells and whistles as, but who can’t use a little extra storage online.

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