Monthly Archives: April 2008

Amazon Announces Premium Support Options for Web Services (EC2, S3, etc)

Today Amazon announced that they will start offering premium support options for their web services. AWS Customers who sign up for AWS Premium Support will receive personalized technical assistance from the Amazon Web Services team, whenever and as frequently as their business demands. The service offers support for operational issues or technical questions during development, […]

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Amazon EC2 and Persistent Storage

Amazon announces that they will have support for persistent storage in an upcoming release. Right now it is being used privately by a handful of EC2 users. This new feature provides reliable, persistent storage volumes, for use with Amazon EC2 instances. These volumes exist independently from any Amazon EC2 instances, and will behave like raw, […]

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Google App Engine

Google launches the preview release of their cloud computing environment to compete against Amazon EC2/S3 called the Google App Engine. It was limited to the first 10,000 developers that signed up and of course I didn’t make it. Google App Engine gives you access to the same building blocks that Google uses for its own […]

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