Installing Crystal Reports XI Release 2

Today I found out the hard way that if you have Crystal Reports XI already installed on your machine and you are going to upgrade to Crystal Reports XI Release 2 you should uninstall the original as the Release 2 “Upgrade/Service Pack” is a whole new installer and doesn’t remove the previous version automatically.  Once I had installed Release 2 each time I tried to access a report in Visual Studio I was prompted that Windows needed to setup the software.  This process would take about 10 minutes.  Also if I tried to save changes I had made to a report they would be lost and I would get an Active X error.  After several hours of researching the problem I found the solution.  It was a “good” waste of a day.  After uninstalling Crystal Reports XI and Crystal Reports XI Release 2 and then just installing Crystal Reports XI Release 2 I had an installation that works correctly.

One thought on “Installing Crystal Reports XI Release 2

  1. I did not have that problem. I just installed CR XI release 2 and Service Packs over the existing CR XI.
    There are a lot of confusion on the installation, but it went all right for me.


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