iPhone 3G

About a month ago I made the switch from using a Blackberry to an iPhone 3G.  Overall I have been extremely happy with the decision.  The main problem I had is that the weekend I got the iPhone was the same time the OS 2.2 was released and AT&T had issues with the 3G network in Orange County.  The first impression was far from great.  It is not good when in less than 24 hours your phone has locked up twice and can not make or receive calls.  Had to pop out the sim card and push it back in or power the phone on and off.  Luckily after a few days the problems went away.

The main issue I have with the iPhone now is that it does not support MMS messaging!  How is that possible???  Every other phone seems to support it but not the media power house iPhone.  I get annoyed when I get a text message from AT&T saying that I have a multimedia message and have to go to a website to view it.  Mainly because the Message ID and password you have to type in to retrieve the MMS is long and obscure.  I end up having to wait to view the picture until I can get to my desktop.  Even then sometimes the AT&T site doesn’t work correctly and I never get to see the MMS.

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