Amazon Product Advertising API

I have been using Amazon’s EC2, S3 and Cloud Front a lot over about the last 9 months.  Last week I just started looking at Amazon’s Associates program for some display advertising.  While looking the info I discovered the Product Advertising API.  In my quest to improve my ASP.NET/C# skills I decided to put together a little website that was powered by the web service.  The result of a few hours is  The site allows the user to search by keyword and category the Amazon inventory.  The search results are displayed on the site and then linked to the product description on the Amazon site.  There is also a list of the major categories from Amazon.  When the user clicks on a category they get the Top Selling, Most Gifted, Most Wished For and New Releases.  The API is pretty easy to work.  Now I just need to figure out new things to do with it.

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