Cloudberry Backup Desktop

I recently started using  Cloudberry’s Backup Desktop edition as my Carbonite (Online Backup) subscription is running out.  In their newest version 2.0 they have added the ability to backup to a local folder or network share.   With storage space so cheap now I would much rather backup my music and videos locally.  I just bought a 2TB external eSATA drive for $100.  The plan is to backup documents and other smaller files to Amazon S3.  So far this is working out really good.  The only thing that it is missing is version control for the local backups.  It maybe there someone in the options, but just haven’t found it yet.  I have been really happy with Cloudberry’s products and at the speed that they keep up with new functions that Amazon rolls out for S3 or Cloudfront.  I have come to rely on Clouberry S3 Explorer for managing my CloudFront distributions.

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