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Data Backups Part 2

Over the last week I evaluated some different online backup products to figure out which was the best for me. I ended up going with Carbonite.  Carbonite offers a 15 day free trial. After that it is only $49.95 for a year of service per computer. There is no limit on the amount of backup […]

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Online Storage

Below are a couple free online storage websites that I have been using.  I am sure there are many more so if you are using one that has a cool that others don’t be sure to leave a comment.  Always looking for new stuff. XDrive is a service of AOL.  This means if you […]

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Data Backups

Over the years I have used many different devices to backup my data. Here is a quick list: 5 1/4 Floppy 3 1/2 Floppy Iomega Zip Drive Iomega Jaz Drive CD-R DVD-R FTP Site USB hard drive The all had their pros and cons. Usually the pro was that the next device had more storage […]

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